Rubber products

We manufacture all kinds of accessories and technical items made of rubber used in the most diverse areas.
Inborval - National Manufacturer of Rubber Products and Artefacts.

We also produce rubber accessories and artefacts for industry.



Drain plungers




  • Bellows design
  • Normal
  • Industrial


Orthopaedic Products



Rubber Mallets

  • Walking Heels for Plaster Casts
  • Forearm Crutch Ferrules
  • Walking Stick Ferrules


Spraying Products



Sanitary Products

  • Vermorel Discs
  • Bellows for Sprayer
  • Bushings for Sulphur Spraying Machinery
  • Washers, Balls and Plugs
  • Toilet Cistern Washers
  • Tap Washers
  • Washbasin Plug
  • Toilet Cistern Float


Construction Products



Technical Items

  • Door Stops
  • Protection Ferrules
  • Gaskets for Air Conditioner Pipes
  • Pipe Joints
  • Gaskets
  • Bellows
  • Balls
  • Protective Sleeves